The beginning of another cold winter. Season's Greetings!

(Dec, ’06)

Irma and I at Mesita, NM
Our house on the north slopes of the Zuni Mountains in Jamestown, NM
Our house in the summertime.
One of my greatest passions is to travel. Here we are at Mt. Humbug, OR—me, Irma, our little dog Kelly and the old Gibson guitar I've treasured for 60+ years.
One of my all time favorite camp sites—Clearlake, CA
A rest stop around eastern Oregon
Irma next to our Mazda6 (I don't get to zoom-zoom that often)
Jason's Acura in front and mine following

Irma's 80th birthday party at Steve's house in San Diego


Irma's great grandchildren at her 80th birthday
My trusty 1969 Jeepster Convertible
Here is my grandson, Jason, who has brightened the last 23 years for us.
The "Virgin's Delight," a B-17, is displayed at Castle Air Museum near Atwater, CA. I flew in such a plane in the 8th Air Force in England in World War II.
This is when I was an Aviation Student, my last training step in the Army Air Corps before becoming an Aviation Cadet in navigation school at Ellington Air Force Base. This was in Houston, TX.

Back row: George, Carmen, me, Reid, and Jane

Bottom row: Irma, Tom and LaVonne

Christmas 2005. Left to right: Irma, Jennifer, me, Rick, and in front, our nearest great granddaughter, Mikaela.










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